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Steve & Abby

My Wife & I contacted MPK productions to inquire about getting our home theatre installed by a professional, when I made the call I spoke to a really enthusiastic owner Mike, I had to get him to come out on a Saturday as my Wife & I both work during the week.
We came to agreement For a date & time of a Saturday 12:30pm.
A few weeks later my wife & I were awaiting the arrival of Mike from MPK productions I called to ask where he was unfortunately he was running late.

When Mike from MPK produtions finally arrived we were greated with a friendly warm welcome we offered Mike a cold drink of COKE because he had just travelled  over & hour to get to us.

Mike assist the situation to see the best thing he could do for us, I wanted the SUBWOOFER moved from the front of the living room where it normally is beside the TV to the back of our couch for a much clearer/louder more effective home theatre experience.

As MIKE was installing the SUBWOOFER I asked him what the change was going to sound like? was there going to be significant diffrence? I was surprised to hear this. "The sub does not run by the same frequency as a speaker system, the sub has its own frequency that is why its not called "A Speaker." it does not matter where a sub is in a room."

so Mike moved the sub covering all of the wires making it all invisable, the cord was extended very cleanly & tidy.

The next thing now was to test it. Mike himself was NOT exspecting what happened next. We played a classic action movie "THE MATRIX" to an explosion scene, I was kinda impressed but then I wanted to play in my opinion the greatest movie of all time. 2013 "MAN OF STEEL" directed by Zack Snyder,

We got to the scene where SUPERMAN destroys the Treeaforming world machine. As to our surprise Mike face went from slightly impressed to totally blown away. my excitement now was through the roof. the difference was so worth it.

Beside him being late boy he made up for it with the professsionalism & knowledge.

I will definitely use him in the future.

Highly recommend MPK productions. OUTSTANDING.

Steve & Abby.  

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Very good at what they do. They have helped me out many many times over the years. I have on many occasions asked them to help me out of a jam. I'm very grateful to them. So don't hesitate to ask him for help. Tech guys they are who you want. He will also give you a good deal
computer problems set up a web site just give them a call.